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Russ & Chris Halstead
Owners of Lockport Art Company

Russell Halstead attended school for Fine Arts in Florida and then continued his study at the University Of New Mexico.  He worked in many mediums such as film, wood, glass and clay.  He met his wife Christine in Albuquerque New Mexico. Christine received a degree from Links School of business in Fashion Merchandising and worked as a buyer for 5yrs and Merchandising Specialist  for 7 yrs.  Later they moved to Lockport, NY and worked together as a team in their photography business for over 20 years.

Halstead's raised their 3 children right here in Lockport and believed creative thinking and art were an important part of their children’s education. It is what makes life stable in the midst of struggles.  Creative thinking looks at the possibilities.  It discovers what can be done or created with what we have right now.   A healthy community has lots of creative people using their creative skills.  Halstead's opened Lockport Art Co.  in August 2011 as a working studio that has room for others to come and create.  Young and old join Russell and Christine in their studio classes and workshops. Everyone can get involved in creating. There are classes for children ages 7- 12 yrs old. And evening classes are set up as a community of artists working together in pottery or glass. Beginners are given clear step by step instruction and discover during the first class that they can create. We are all artists.

Russell is the master Artisan and chooses pottery as his main medium.  He also works in glass, wood and textiles. He creates functional art as well as fine art pieces and sculptures.   His favorite functional pieces are his mugs.  He has studied with other master potters to hone his skill.   Ed Rothfus who studied pottery under Val Cushing; and Simon Leach whose grandfather is Bernard Leach considered the father of studio pottery, have both visited our studio and held workshops.   

Christine teaches the student classes and beginning pottery skills. She also works in hand built sculptures. She has been influenced and encouraged by visiting artists’ Sue Gisler and Kristine Gazzo.

Russell and Christine enjoy sharing their art experience. Both have worked at full time jobs and understand the stress of demanding jobs. As of the spring of 2016 they are both working full time in their studio and concentrating on making art that appeals to the consumer and art that appeals to their own artistic choices. You will usually find Russell and Christine working in their art studio.

Art is work that pleases the creator.

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